Smartmatic launches tivi

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, Smartmatic announced the launch of TIVI, a secure, verifiable online voting solution for governmental elections.

This next-generation voting solution provides the strongest assurance of election integrity of any online voting solution available today. It is the only online voting solution in the world that allows universal digital verifiability to lớn prove sầu the integrity of the vote, from the point of casting khổng lồ counting. Utilising advanced cryptographic technique, it guarantees voter privacy and vote security.

TIVI has been engineered lớn meet the needs of Election Management Bodies seeking khổng lồ enfranchise overseas & ex-pat voters, modernize traditional forms of remote voting và to lớn reduce the challenges typically associated with election participation from remote environments.

TIVI is the result of a strategic partnership between Smartmatic and Cybernetica, the cybersecurity corporation responsible for developing the Estonian Internet voting solution used in eight nationwide elections since 2005.

“We engineered TIVI to lớn mitigate the challenges of remote voting and give election authorities a tool lớn respond to growing trends such as declining participation & the thiết bị di động lifestyles of the electorate. With our technology, và regardless of where voters are, voting remains secret, secure, private & verifiable,” said Antonio Mugica, CEO for Smartmatic.

Commenting on the launching of TIVI, Oliver Väärtnõu, CEO of Cybernetica stated, “By utilising state-of-the-art security mechanisms & advanced cryptography, mixed with years of experience, we have sầu developed a world-class solution which guarantees that votes are cast as intended, stored as cast và counted as cast.”

TIVI offers a consistent voting experience on any Internet enabled device & features accessibility tools khổng lồ provide independent and private voting to voters with disabilities.

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It also offers auditability tools which allow deep technical & procedural audits to enhance electoral transparency above sầu và beyond traditional remote voting methods and other online voting solutions.

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About Smartmatic

Founded in the US in 2000, Smartmatic is the leading provider of voting technologies & solutions worldwide. Today, out of the eight countries pioneering election automation Smartmatic provides technology và services lớn six of them: Belgium, Brazil, Estonia, the Philippines, US và Venezuela.

The company has managed elections across five continents, processing over 3.7 billion votes. Smartmatic is headquartered in London, UK.

For more information, visit

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