Nơi bán tivi led sony kdl

To avoid any physical damage khổng lồ the sản phẩm while unboxing, please ensure that only an authorised maylanhchuyennghiep.com delivery/service executive sầu or brvà personnel opens the packaging.For products requiring installation, returns are valid only when they are installed by maylanhchuyennghiep.com-authorized personnel.

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Dive inkhổng lồ the Android world as the Sony BRAVIA KDL-43W800C comes with an Android operating system. It renders full HD picture quality and comes with a Bass Reflex Speaker that delivers rich sound, whether you're watching a movie or playing a đoạn phim game.

Get access to lớn a number of Android's features such as the Google Play Store & YouTube. This Smart TV also has a voice search feature.


Tired of straining your eyes because of the kích cỡ of your smartphone's screen? Cast your favorite entertainment with your Android or iOS smartphone or laptop on khổng lồ the TV with the Google Cast feature.


Spover more time watching and less time browsing as this TV comes with a Voice Search function khổng lồ get lớn your nội dung quickly.


Watch your favorite music đoạn Clip or TV show on this TV with the Serial AbTak tiện ích. With an easy-to-use interface, you can quickly find your favorite content, whether it's by channel, episode or language.

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By downloading the Notify BRAVIA phầm mềm from the Google Play Store on to your phone, you will get live notifications on your television screen whenever you get a Điện thoại tư vấn or message.

Gather your family and friends around the TV and share photos from the recent wedding or vacation without the need for a Wi-Fi access point.

Enjoy HD content the way it was meant to be seen on this Full HD Android TV. Whether you're watching a HD channel through a HD phối top box or playing Gọi of Duty on the PS4, this TV renders every pixel with precision clarity.

This is an advanced image processing engine that analyses each scene pixel-by-pixel to ensure vivid, lifelượt thích images no matter what you watch, be it a 1080p BluRay disc or a low resolution website video clip.

Watch as your favorite movie characters come khổng lồ life on this 3D Smart TV. Grab your 3D glasses & enjoy a wide range of 3 chiều content such as 3 chiều TV broadcasts or 3 chiều website videos.

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Listen lớn every beat on this TV as it comes with a Bass Reflex Box speaker that delivers crisp audio chất lượng with extended low frequencies & no unwanted distortion.

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