Tivi Samsung 43 Inch Giá Tốt, Trả Góp 0%, Bảo Hành 2 Năm






UHD Dimming công nghệ for deep blacks, pure whites.

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HDR giải pháp công nghệ optimizes the contrast on a frame-by-frame basis.The easy-to-use Tizen operating system and many attractive online entertainment applications.Support for projecting the phone screen on the TV and controlling the TV by phone via the SmartThings application.

Samsung vô tuyến 55 inch 4K UA55RU7400 slim modern design, new living space

With Samsung 55Inch TV, minimalist kiến thiết with black-gray screen border và plastic stand exude aristocratic & classy beauty for the space where the TV is located. In addition, the V-shaped frame with a large board helps the TV stand firmly on flat surfaces.

Samsung TV UA55RU7400will be the perfect choice for the interior of your home, such as living room, bedroom, khách sạn restaurant lobby...

UHD 4K processor makes the TV work smoothly, showing every detail clearly

The Ultra HD 4K technology that Samsung equips on this Smart TV gives viewers a more vivid experience; above all, the TV displays every detail even though the viewer stands in different positions produce a standard picture frame lượt thích one.

HDR feels details, expands the light range

UHD Dimming technology divides the image into small blocks, optimizing colors

The feature of this giải pháp công nghệ on the 55-inch Samsung TV is color optimization, enhanced definition, and high contrast. Plus, black will show more, trắng will be purer.

Brighter colors for an eye-catching experience thanks lớn Dynamic Crystal màu sắc technology

Samsung 4K TV has a wide màu sắc range of over 1 billion colors, & the display frame is purer và more vibrant than conventional TVs.

The solution to lớn hide the wire is delicate, bringing high aesthetics

Dolby Digital Plus technology simulates immersive surround sound

On this Samsung TV, there are two speakers with a capacity of up khổng lồ 20W for vivid và majestic surround sound lượt thích being in a professional cinema.

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Smart Hub & One Remote -Enjoy all your favorite content.

Simple and fast access khổng lồ apps, digital boxes, or live TV shows, all in one place.

Voice search through the Remote.

Use voice to lớn control commands through the virtual assistant Bixby

Find information easily, expand the worldview around you right on Samsung UHD TV.

Intuitive operating system Tizen OS

This Samsung truyền họa 55Inch is equipped with available applications: YouTube, Netflix, FPT Play, Fim+,... Or you can go to lớn the tiện ích store to download more (FPT Play, Fim+, Benthanh Karaoke, Spotify, MyTV, ClipTV) enjoy watching movies, listening to music,...

Unlimited Connectivity with SmartThings

By using your phone or tablet, you can remotely control your Samsung Smart TV by installing the SmartThings app.

Mirror phone screen to TV via Screen Mirroring

By using your phone or tablet, you can remotely control your Samsung Smart TV by installing the SmartThings app.

Apple"s AirPlay 2 is integrated on Samsung UHD TVs

For the first time in history, AirPlay 2 is integrated on Samsung TVs, making it easy to lớn connect and endlessly stream nội dung from your táo bị cắn dở device to the unsurpassed big screen. So enjoy the ultimate world of entertainment, enjoy watching movies, listening to lớn music, or viewing photos from your iPhone, iPad, & Mac right on your Samsung UHD TV.


Can connect with keyboard & mouse, many popular connections

OverviewConnectSmart featurePicture and Sound TechnologyOverall
Types of TelevisionsSmart Tivi
Sizes55 inch
Screen ResolutionUltra HD 4K
Picture Mastering Index 100 Hz
Ethernet (LAN)LAN port, Wifi
Composite In (AV) PortComposite port & Component port
HDMI Port3-port
Digital Audio Out (Optical)Optical port (Digital Audio Out), HDMI ARC
Digital BroadcastingDVB-T2
BluetoothYes (connect speaker, keyboard, mouse, gamepad)
Operating SystemTizen OS
Applications availableYoutube, Netflix, web Browser, tiện ích Store
Popular Apps khổng lồ DownloadFPT Play, Fim+, Benthanh Karaoke, Spotify, MyTV, ClipTV, VTV Go
Smart RemoteMulti-tasking Remote - One Remote
Control truyền ảnh With Phone SmartThings app
Wireless Connect With A Phones, TabletsScreen Mirroring
Connect Keyboard MouseConnectable (best used in a web browser)
Other smart featuresVoice interaction
Image Processing TechniquesUHD Engine, Dynamic Crystal Color, Mega Contrast, UHD Dimming, HDR
Audio TechnologyDolby Digital Plus
Speaker Power20 W
Power Consumption145 W
Set kích cỡ With StandWidth 123.86 cm - Height 80 centimet - Thickness 36.06 cm
Weight With Stand19.7 kg
Set size Without Stand Width 123.86 centimet - Height 71.42 centimet - Thickness 5.98 cm
Weight Without Stand17.2 kg
Origin Of ProductionViet Nam
Launch Year2019