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How-to install a lock screen ?

1. Tap on a lock screen below to lớn display it display it full sized.

2. Long tap this full sized image & choose Save image to camera roll.

3. Go khổng lồ the Settings tiện ích > Wallpapers và Brightness > Choose Wallpaper.

4. Set as lock screen the previously saved image from your camera roll.

How-to install an home screen ?

1. Tap on an home screen below to display it full sized.

2. Long tap this full sized image and choose Save image to camera roll.

3. Go to lớn the Settings app > Wallpapers và Brightness > Choose Wallpaper.

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How-to install theme phầm mềm icons ?

2. Optional : choose the text to display under each icon (it can be empty!).

3. Optional : thử nghiệm that the phầm mềm is installed on your device with the



4. Tap the «  Generate theme » button khổng lồ generate an quả táo configuration profile with all the selected icons (opens the Settings app).

5. Tap the « Install » button from the Settings ứng dụng to add all the selected icons on your home screen at once.

Note: beta applications were added by the users community & were not tested by ourselves. Perhaps they may not work properly!


Alien xanh - Reddit Client


Apple"s app Store


Apple"s táo bị cắn dở Music

Apple"s Calendar

Apple"s game Center

Apple"s iBooks

Apple"s iMovie

Apple"s iTunes Store

Apple"s Mail

Apple"s Messages

Apple"s Phone (via Shortcuts)

Apple"s Photos

Apple"s Plans (Maps)

Apple"s Reminder (iOS 13 và after)

Apple"s Safari

Apple"s Videos

Apple"s Wallet

Apple"s Wallet

Apples"s Find My (iOS 13 & after)

BBC News



CALC calculator, by QApps













Google Chrome


Google Chromecast

Google Voice

IMDb Movies và TV



Launch center pro



Photoshop Express

Photoshop Touch

Sleep cycle alarm clock

Sleep cycle alarm clock






Yahoo! Weather



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