Tải videoshow cho máy tính

Video Maker - VideoShow is the perfect substitute for Movie Maker, a very easy-to-use & không tính phí Clip editor for Windows that doesn"t apply any watermarks


Windows Movie Maker is for many users the best home đoạn Clip editor you can get your hands on. For many years, Microsoft"s program has been a reference until its recent death, which has forced many users to tìm kiếm for alternatives. And although it was never a standard of the audiovisual industry, it did manage khổng lồ bring video editing to all types of people.

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And due to the over of Movie Maker, a wide range of alternative sầu options have appeared all over the Internet trying khổng lồ fill that gap, each one of which wants to defend its position as the only valid successor lớn the late Microsoft software.

Take Clip editing to lớn the next màn chơi.

Well, thanks to Video Maker - VideoShow, you"re going to lớn be able lớn create trang chủ videos without any prior audiovisual or đoạn Clip editing knowledge. It"s a program conceived lớn be as simple as possible: add the elements that you want lớn work with, come up with your own recipe, & that"s it. Bear in mind that, although there"s a version for Windows 7, this one we"re offering you here is only compatible with Windows 10. Don"t say we didn"t warn you.

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How does Video Maker - VideoShow work?

So, if you want to lớn create short đoạn phim clips or tiny phokhổng lồ presentations, you"ve come to lớn the right place. The software allows you lớn edit basic aspects: add & remove images, apply background music, edit a đoạn Clip tệp tin, shorten or expvà the length of a clip...

In this sense, any user will find all the basic functions he or she needs. However, if you"re looking for more complex editing tools, the program isn"t exactly what you need. The good thing is that once you"ve sầu finished editing, the software allows you khổng lồ export them without watermarks.

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The only premium features included by the developer is the possibility khổng lồ remove adverts from the app. Regarding the rest of the features, they are all không tính phí without any kind of limitations. If you"re looking for a simple đoạn Clip editor that fulfills what it promises, don"t hesitate khổng lồ tải về this one.

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