Samsung smart view

Smart View is an easy way khổng lồ screen mirror content from your Samsung phone or tablet to lớn a larger display.

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Most new Samsung smartphone devices have Smart View built in. You can also download the Smart View phầm mềm if it’s not a native feature on your device.

Sounds great, right? But there’s a catch: Smart View only sends nội dung to certain compatible receivers, like a Chromecast, Fire Stick or Samsung’s own Smart TV. More recently, Samsung restricted this further on the latest apk operating systems by only allowing Smart View to lớn share nội dung to other Samsung-branded devices.

Can you use Smart View to screen mirror your sản phẩm điện thoại device khổng lồ a Mac or Windows computer? What if you don’t own a Samsung Smart TV?

The instructions below tell you how to lớn mirror with Samsung Smart View & offer some easy workarounds khổng lồ accommodate a number of circumstances.

To mirror khổng lồ your computer, you"ll needReflector,an phầm mềm that turns your computer into a wireless mirroring receiver. You can use Smart View to screen mirror your Samsung smartphone device straight khổng lồ your computer screen with Reflector. No cords, no compatibility issues, no fuss. You can buy it or


Important Note:

Samsung recently disabled the ability for phones and tablets running apk 11 & newer to cast to anything other than Samsung devices. If your Samsung device is running app android 11 or newer, follow this guide instead.If you"re running game android 10 or older, keep reading. The steps below show you how khổng lồ mirror lớn a computer, but you can simply follow steps 2-4 to nội dung to another destination as well.

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How khổng lồ mirror your Samsung phone or tablet khổng lồ your computer with Smart View:


Download & install Reflector on your Mac or Windows computer. Open Reflector. Make sure your android device và computer are connected khổng lồ the same wifi network.



On your app android device, swipe down twice from the đứng top of the screen to lớn reveal the Quick Settings tray. If Smart View isn’t on this page, you may need to search for it or swipe khổng lồ the second page of tiles in the tray.

Note: You may see the Cast option here as well. Learn how lớn screen mirror with Cast.


Tap the Smart View button.



A menu of available receivers will appear. Tap the name of your computer from the list. If you"d lượt thích to mirror to lớn another destination instead of your computer, tap that instead.

Your phone or tablet is now wirelessly mirroring lớn your computer. Anything you vì chưng on your điện thoại device will reflect on your computer in real time, including audio. Tap the Smart View button on your device screen to cancel the mirroring, or disconnect from the Reflector menu.

Not using a Samsung device?

Reflector allows you lớn screen mirror multiple different devices at once, including other operating systems lượt thích iOS and iPadOS. Learn how to mirror other devices with these helpful guides: