Best android tvs 2022

You"re shopping for the best game android TVs the market currently has khổng lồ offer. But "best" can be subjective. For example, is 4K enough, or bởi you want specific perks like HDMI 2.1, Dolby Vision/Atmos, or local dimming zones? vì you want an LCD or an OLED? Are you OK with the old app android TV OS, or do you want an upgrade to Google TV? Most importantly, what"s your budget? We"ve gathered our đứng top picks khổng lồ appeal khổng lồ as wide an audience as possible, so you"ll find the choice that"s right for you.

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What are the best apk TVs?

Overall, the Hisense H9G Quantum Series is the best app android TV you can buy in 2022. The television has an excellent 4K ULED display, HDR và Dolby Vision support, & a modern kiến thiết with plenty of HDMI ports. Even better, you get all of this for an outstanding price.

Budget shoppers who see 4K as more than enough should consider the TCL 4-Series for their next game android TV. It"s one of the more affordable picks on this list, but still looks pretty stellar for its low price.

Or, on the flip side, the Sony A80J could easily be considered the "best" apk TV for its impressive specs and màu sắc performance, but you"ll have to lớn spend a lot more khổng lồ get one.

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Bottom line: Hisense knocked it out of the park with the U8G. This TV looks amazing, has ample features, and comes in at a reasonable price.

There are many game android TVs to lớn choose from, but the Hisense U8G Quantum Series shines as the best overall pick among everything out there. It"s not the most technically impressive television you can find, but it has the best mix of everything when looking at its features, specs, và value. It may sound a bit counter-intuitive, but the H8G series actually acts as an upgrade for the Hisense H9G Series that launched in 2020, but we"re here for newer versions despite odd naming monikers.

First thing"s first, the U8G has a sleek & modern design. Between the metal feet for the base and slimmer bezels, it"s a nice overall package that feels more sophisticated & refined. It comes in two sizes (55 and 65 inches), offers four HDMI ports, và supports a glorious 4K picture with HDR and Dolby Vision. If you plan on getting a PS5 or Xbox Series X, the native 120Hz screen means you"ll be able to trò chơi at 120fps with supported titles.

One of the best aspects of the H9G is that its brightness automatically adjusts based on the room. When it"s really dark, the screen automatically dims down. When it"s bright and sunny, the brightness is cranked up. In day-to-day use, it makes using the H9G so much more convenient. We also really lượt thích the hands-free Google Assistant feature, which allows you to say "Hey Google" at any time và have the U8G respond — even when the screen is off!