Samsung Smart View 3

Note: to ensure your thermal camera has the latest updates & operates at optimal performance it is essential to lớn ensure the hàng hóa firmware is up to lớn date. Sản phẩm firmware & desktop software updates will include key features và applications, as well as bug fixes & feature improvements.

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*A critical update has been released for the TiS55+, TiS75+, TiS20+ & PTi120

In order to kiểm tra status and update hàng hóa firmware there are a few basic steps.

Download và install Connect Desktop or SmartView Classic Desktop softwareOpen the desktop software on your PCConnect the camera to your PC using provided USB cableCheck for firmware update for your productInstall hàng hóa firmware update Connect Desktop

Get the most out of your thermography program. Create professional inspection reports in minutes while efficiently capturing full radiometric data to tư vấn preventive & predictive maintenance programs.

Download Connect Desktop


Key features:

Easily edit và optimize images to visualize equipment statusCombine infrared và visible images for simpler analysis using picture-in-picture mode and image blendingCreate detailed reports in minutes & save customized report templatesAccess thermal images on any device using automatic cloud storageOrganize images and easily tìm kiếm by asset, severity, and titleShare images in the desktop software immediately with all team membersCombine thermal images with data from over 80 Connect tools including digital multimeters & sensorsFirmware update capability Thermal Imaging drivers for connecting the cameras lớn a PC

SmartView Classic

SmartView Classic thermal imaging software is an alternative to Connect Desktop.

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Download SmartView Classic

SmartView R&D

Primarily intended for RSE camera models và delivers a comprehensive set of tools khổng lồ create accurate detailed analysis and quickly generate professional reports.

Key features:

Easy to use, customizable workspaceHigh-speed data acquisition from multiple camerasFull range of analysis toolsPowerful trend analysis và statisticsTemplate-based report generation system based on Microsoft Word documentsImage filtersVariety of export options

Download SmartView R&D


Get thermal imaging jobs done easily & reliably with Baseline™.

Baseline brings together everything you need to set up & run your own thermal imaging program.