Samsung online shop support

Introducing Shop—the app with checkout that remembers you, tư vấn at your fingertips, không tính phí standard shipping, and more.

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Make shopping even easier.

Introducing Shop—the phầm mềm with checkout that remembers you, tư vấn at your fingertips, không lấy phí standard shipping, và more.



For You

Curated nội dung và personalized sản phẩm suggestions with new products và promotions, tailored to you.




Support in the palm of your hand

Get notifications when your order is fulfilled so you won’t have to lớn worry about a thing. Need to register a device or điện thoại tư vấn customer support? It’s just a few taps away.

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Now featuring app-only offers

Curated nội dung and personalized product suggestions with new products & promotions, tailored to lớn you.

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Get exclusive savings for your business

Switch khổng lồ the business section lớn use the Shop app for your business purchases và empower your team wherever they work & whatever the challenge with innovative sầu products. Get exclusive sầu business savings from volume pricing & bulk trade-in credit to cloud software discounts on AppStaông chồng.

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*Galaxy Store credit delivered as 10,000 Rewards Points.

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