The 3 best samsung tvs of 2021: reviews and smart features

We've sầu tested over 20 Samsung TVs in the last two years. Samsung TVs, generally speaking, are very versatile and can provide good khổng lồ very good picture chất lượng. Samsung is known for their LED models that generally have sầu VA panels, và their highest-over models are great for gaming. Samsung shifted their entire lineup in 2020, so 2020's Samsung Q90T QLED performs closer to lớn 2019's Samsung Q80R QLED, but most people won't notice any differences, và it's hard khổng lồ find 2019 models now.

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Best Samsung Smart TVs

Compared to lớn other brands

Well-rounded. Generally, Samsung TVs won"t be the very best for a single specific usage. They instead tend to lớn be very versatile TVs that"ll do well in a wide variety of uses. Very good upscaling. Lower chất lượng nội dung, like broadcast TV or DVDs, is scaled up khổng lồ the 4k resolution well. Great gaming features. Samsung was the first major TV manufacturer to adopt new gaming technologies, including FreeSync and Auto lớn Low Latency Mode. Uniformity issues. Although gray uniformity is something that varies between units, Samsung models normally don"t have gray uniformity & they also have some dirty screen effect. Mediocre build quality. Samsung TVs, especially the lower-kết thúc options, don"t have sầu stellar build chất lượng. A lot of plastic is used, và it isn"t unusual for some parts of the TV lớn come off after some use.

Samsung vs Sony

Samsung TVsusually have sầu more gaming featuresthanSonyTVs và generally have a much more expressive and original design. Sony TVs, in comparison, are usuallybuilt a bit better, with a mostly metal construction. Theyalso tend khổng lồ have better color accuracy, but this varies between units.

Samsung vs LG

Samsung TVs generally have sầu a lot better picture quality than the averageLGTV, with LG's expensive sầu OLED TVs being an exception. Samsungsusually get a fair bit brighter and have sầu better contrast. LG TVs generally have sầu a much wider viewing angleand also have sầu much better smart features.

At every price range, Samsung TVs provide a performance suitable for most buyers. They generally persize very well and are among muốn the best TVs in the market. Currently, competition is tightening up a bit more, so Samsung LED TVs don't seem to provide as much value as they previously did. Their performance remains comparable, though.


Samsung's lineup covers everything from budget to high-kết thúc models. As a rule of thumb, the higher the number, the better it is, although sometimes the improvements aren't worth it. The letter in their Mã Sản Phẩm number corresponds lớn the year:

T* = 20trăng tròn Low to mid-range modelsR* = 2019 Low lớn mid-range modelsN* = 2018 Low to mid-rangemodelsM* = 2017 Low to mid-range modelsK* = 2016

Samsung also uses the prefix Q* to denote their high-end QLED models, và the last letter of these models also denotes its year, corresponding to lớn the danh mục above (i.e., the Q90T is a 20trăng tròn QLED TV).

Smart Features

In the infancy of smart TVs, Samsung was the leader in functionality & smart features. This isn't to say that they were very good, as it took quite a few years for Smart TV platforms to mature inkhổng lồ something comparable to external set-top boxes. However, other companies have sầu caught up to lớn Samsung & offer similar all-around performance, lượt thích Roku TV or LG's WebOS.

Samsung has been constantly updating their Tizen platform to make sure it competes with their competitors. In 2017, they added voice capabilities khổng lồ their remote và smart platsize, making it easier lớn navigate through menus. The 20trăng tròn update featured a new, sleeker look with a 'Dark Mode' that isn't as bright as the white theme in the 2019 và older versions.

In 2018, Samsung added their Bixby virtual assistant lớn Samsung's entire line of Q* and most N* models except the NU7100. The same was the case for the 2019 lineup, as the RU7100 still lacked the feature. Bixby can integrate inlớn Samsung's SmartThings smart home platkhung, allowing you to control compatible devices ranging from lights, outlets, door locks, & even your fridge.



The interface is very simple và easy khổng lồ navigate. Everything is located along a toolbar that appears at the bottom of your screen. Downloaded apps are found here as well, & you can quickly access the different inputs and settings. The interface works well, & there are a lot of animations, but on lower-kết thúc TVs, these animations can be slow.



Unfortunately, Samsung's Smart Hub also shows ads on the home screen. It shows up in the same row as the installed Samsung Smart TV apps, and they can't be disabled.

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You can opt-out of personalized advertising in the settings, but that, unfortunately, just means that you'll see very repetitive sầu ads instead of targeted ones.

Apps & Features


The phầm mềm selection is pretty extensive sầu nowadays. All the popular đoạn phim & music services are available and more. Fortunately, the tìm kiếm function is quite good, & results come up very quickly. Like LG's WebOS & Android TV on Sony and Hisense TVs, Samsung TVs have an excellent selection of apps, và the vast majority of streaming services are available.

Voice Controls

Voice Command was overhauled in 2017, and they're pretty good now. Other smart interfaces were updated in 2018 khổng lồ search for nội dung, apps, and change settings, something Samsung has been able khổng lồ bởi for two years. Even more in-depth stuff lượt thích calibration settings are only a button press away, which is quite nice.

Changing inputsLaunching appsBasic online searches, including "What time is it?" or "How's the weather in New York?"Change some settings

It's also possible to tìm kiếm within apps, but only a few apps are supported at this moment. It isn't possible to lớn tìm kiếm Netflix, for example, but it's possible to tìm kiếm YouTube.



The Samsung smart remote included with the high-over QLED series is excellent. It's very comfortable to lớn hold và features craftsmanship unlượt thích anything else currently on the market. The controls are intuitive sầu & straightforward, and it's easy to lớn pair with the TV và other devices.

You may notice that current Samsung TVs have done away with expansive sầu controls lượt thích advanced playbachồng buttons & number keys, although some entry-cấp độ models still come with more basic remotes that have number keys. This is in line with their initiative sầu from a few years agoand other remotes like the ones found with Roku TVs. This isn't a big khuyễn mãi giảm giá nowadays, but people using the TV tuner might prefer ordering a cheap universal remote to easily access TV channels.

Remote App


The Samsung Remote App is very limited. It has recently been updated lớn a universal app for all Samsung smart trang chủ products, called SmartThings. The app functions mainly as a replacement remote control. It can't stream files from your device khổng lồ your TV, but some apps can stream video clip to your device. It can also be used for voice commands.

Known Issues

This is less comtháng now than it was in previous years, but Samsung TVs often have issues with Wi-Fi connections. They'll randomly stop functioning after leaving the TV off for a while and will require the connection to be mix up again, which is quite annoying.

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Recent Updates

Feb 19, 2021: Verified picks for availability; updated text for accuracy.


Samsung, in general, makes very good TVs. Their range has somewhat crept up in price over time, but most people should still find a TV that suits their needs within it. Their smart features aren't the best out there, but they're still quite good, too. They're usually quite versatile & fit most uses. As long as you don't plan khổng lồ watch them from an angle, which is a common shortcoming they have sầu, it's hard to lớn find major issues with them. If you're interested in Samsung products, kiểm tra out our recommendations for thebest Samsung headphonesvà thebest Samsung soundbars.

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