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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 is a tablet originally released in 2016. It comes in several sizes, ranging from a 7 inch screen to a 10.1 inch screen. It can utilize bluetooth technology and has GPS capabilities, along with a front & rear camera. Like many of its previous tablet models, it’s been discontinued from production lớn make way for fresh và new technologies. Still, as with most pieces of technology, there’s going to be some great things about it along with the not so great. We’ll be diving further into the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6’s capabilities, what functions it has, how it compares khổng lồ other tablets that came out at the time, and if it’s worth the price.

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Shared Functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

The one constant about this model, regardless of size, is its battery life. Those who have had the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 praise its ability to hold a charge even after being used on long flights khổng lồ watch movies or television shows. Of course, making sure that the tablet is taken care of helps keep its battery life from going down, but some reviewers claim that even years later, it can still hold a charge without being plugged in for days at a time. Some users found that as it got older, the tablet could get hot when being charged, but these comments come from users that had gotten their tablets already used. One of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6’s models comes with an S Pen, which allows for an easier cảm biến experience & is best utilized for work-based actions. Customers who bought this version found that they were able to lớn work on it constantly without issue, however the smaller models provided some difficulty with resizing website pages lớn be readable.

This model’s screen is also one of its best selling points. Whatever form size is purchased, the screen is in high definition, which allows for clear viewing & lighting that can hold up in a sunny environment. Again, reviewers found that utilizing the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 for watching media was a great experience. There were complaints regarding how the sounds from the shows or movies would be in stereo for a vertical view, but not horizontal. If you’re willing khổng lồ sacrifice surround sound for a larger picture, then watching your truyền thông horizontally will not be an issue. Another complaint was that some of the colors didn’t translate as brightly as they would have on another tablet’s screen, but the unique of the picture seems to cosplay for it in the eyes of consumers.

Setbacks of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

Although this tablet is an older mã sản phẩm and seems lớn hold up well to lớn the kiểm tra of time, there are still some issues that customers found after purchasing the different models. For some, the storage space for the tablet was smaller than anticipated. Although it can store up khổng lồ 8GB in its smaller models, many consumers found that the tablet’s built-in systems were taking up most of the storage space, leaving less room for other apps. The best solution to lớn this issue is to lớn utilize a microSD thẻ which will allow you to get more storage, even if you’re spending a bit more for the added space.

Because of the limited amount of space, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 tends lớn lag if it’s being utilized for larger files or apps. Even with the microSD card, many people found that it’s not ideal for gaming or large apps that require multiple updates throughout the year. The lag also extends khổng lồ the cameras, as the amount of storage space seems khổng lồ cause issues when taking pictures with either the front or the back camera. The cameras tend to not take sharp looking photos & with the lag the blurriness rivals older cell phones.

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The larger mã sản phẩm of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 averages out at about $150 at most retailers with prices getting lower if you utilize websites that sell the products used. It’s always best to purchase from a retailer you trust, especially for used models, but sometimes you can find a good giảm giá on Amazon or Ebay. As far as tablets go, regardless of the size, it’s still an affordable choice if you’re looking for something that you’ll be utilizing casually. Be aware that the price may be compounded by however much a microSD thẻ is, if you need khổng lồ utilize all of the space that the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 has to lớn offer.

Can It Exceed the Wear & Tear of Time?

Those who purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 reported that the tablet was still receiving Samsung updates even after the four years since its release, which can allow it khổng lồ be utilized now và further into the future. The devices are sturdy và seem to stand up to lớn the kiểm tra of time, so long as they’re taken care of with the bare minimum upkeep. Those who don’t may find that their lag extends outside of apps and the camera and can affect the lock screen of the tablet as well.

As with any tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6’s screen should be protected & its models, having standard sizes, allow for it khổng lồ be compatible with accompanying gear lớn customize và protect it. It’s not a tablet that you want thrown around or dropped, as it can still crack the screen & mess up the battery. The smaller models have a plastic back, which can assist with hard impacts, but it’s still not recommended to lớn play rough with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6.


In the end, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 seems to be best utilized for truyền thông media consumption without gaming or large apps. Its battery life allows it to go days without having khổng lồ be plugged in and is good for the slightly forgetful consumer who doesn’t bring their charger everywhere. It’s not good for taking pictures, but good for being utilized as a mobile office. It also benefits from having multiple models of different sizes for versatility and the fact that it still supports current updates can allow it lớn be used for years khổng lồ come.