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An elegant union of công nghệ và thiết kế. Smooth glass encased by strong metal create a polished look. Innovatively sleek physique fits comfortably in your h& & in your life.

INTUITIVELY COLORFUL.Life made simple & fun with color-coded favorites. Gain quiông xã access by color. Get colorful notifications on the spot.

Edge UX Inside Stories

ALL NEW PACKAGING.Made of soy ink on recycled paper. Awarded UL Environment"s Platinum Sustainable Product Certification (SPC).


CRISPER và CLEARER.The intuitive sầu camera launches in a split second, capturing crisp & clear images even in low light situations.

Camera Part 1 Inside Stories

BETTER SELFIES.With astounding improvements such as a super-bright lens and tự động real-time HDR now also on the front camera, your photos will bryên ổn with life.

Camera Part 2 Inside Stories

FOCUSED MOVEMENT.Fast moving subjects are not a concern. The Tracking AF (autofocus) function keeps up with subjects in motion, offering clear images every time.

PROPERLY EXPOSED.Photos rich in color and detail, the way they"re supposed lớn be. Two different types of exposures are instantly processed by the image sensor & combined inkhổng lồ a single amazing picture. That"s tự động hóa real-time HDR.

SELFIE PERFECT.A super-bright lens & bigger pixels are the tools you need for your selfies. You"ll want the camera focused on yourself in any lighting condition.

CAPTURE NOW.No more waiting. Double-click the trang chủ button khổng lồ activate Quiông chồng Launch. The function lets you access your camera in less than a second. Take photos as life happens.

FAST CHARGING.After charging for just 10 minutes, you get 4 hours of usage. When you need khổng lồ save battery, Ultra Power nguồn Saving Mode will help you conserve sầu power.

EASY CHARGING.Built-in wireless capabilities mean no additional cover or accessories are needed when charging with wireless charging pads. Galaxy S6 edge is compatible with two main wireless charging standards (WPC and PMA).

Wireless Charging Inside Stories

STAY CHARGED.Get the power khổng lồ last you all day. Battery Pachồng is the dependable backup for your Galaxy S6 edge.

SAVE POWER.Keep track of battery life & manage it with Smart Manager. Ultra Power nguồn Saving Mode will also help you maximize battery usage.


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Faultless performance. For this next generation processor, 3D gaming or heavyweight multi-tasking is a breeze. Ultimate power efficiency is a plus.

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ⓒnăm ngoái Gameloft. All rights reserved. Gameloft và Gameloft games are the property & trademark of the developer Gameloft.

CAPTIVATING VIEWS.Innovative sầu display components come together khổng lồ create a vividly immersive sầu và engaging viewing experience, whether indoors or outdoors.

ALWAYS READY.The new S Voice recognizes your voice commands right away, và launches apps in seconds. One Shot Comm& simplifies routine procedures.

STREAMLINED PAYMENTS.Leave sầu your credit card at home. Pay is a fast, secure và convenient way lớn pay without hassle.

* Pay is available in certain countries, with certain devices, features, card issuers, và merchants.

SEAMLESS CONVERGENCE.Keep your Galaxy S6 edge in sync with your registered TV. It"s fast và easy to nội dung content across screens. Get vital information on your TV screen, including calendar reminders from your phone.

PERFECT MATCH.With accessories, your Galaxy S6 edge gets more beautiful on the outside và more powerful on the inside.

SECURE và VIGILANT.Get continuous protection from malware và hacking attempts with a pre-installed Smartphone security platkhung.

ONE TOUCH.After registering your fingerprint, one touch is all it takes lớn safeguard your phone. Whether authorizing payments or unlocking your device, the touch-type fingerprint sensor recognizes your fingerprint from all angles.

POWERFUL DEFENSE.Keep your data safe with KNOX"s multi-layer hardware and software protection. Dependable third-buổi tiệc ngọt solutions keep your device safe from malware & unauthorized apps.

STAY FIT.The improved S Health is your personal fitness coach. Set goals, track your everyday activities and reach new milestones. Take the leap to better health & a better you.

MANAGE IT.S Health Dashboard makes it fun & easy khổng lồ stay in top form. With a simple & quick summary, it"s easy to mix goals và reach them.


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Whether it"s a single step, a bite at lunch or time spent soaking up the sun, traông chồng it all with S Health Tracker. Log your activity to get great health tips.




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