Smarter, longer, faster, something else-er... This is an evolution & a half

ByJohn McCannpublished 4 October 13


The phablet is here to stay và the lưu ý 3 is the best out there - fast, powerful and supremely functional.

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The Samsung Galaxy note 3 is looking lớn continue in the same vein as the original Galaxy lưu ý and Galaxy chú ý 2, offering you a phone which could almost be mistaken for a tablet and wants you to lớn believe it"s both.

Let"s get one thing straight before we dive into this đánh giá though, the Galaxy cảnh báo 3 is only going khổng lồ appeal to lớn a narrow segment of users, it"s certainly not going to have the broad appeal of the Galaxy S4, nor catch the eye of the fashion-conscious iPhone 5S purchaser.

The chú ý 3 isn"t pretending lớn be anything it"s not. It knows it"s a big, some may say huge, điện thoại and Samsung understands that form factor won"t be for everyone.

That said, with big size comes big price, & the Galaxy cảnh báo 3 will phối you back a wallet-busting £600 (around $950, AU$1,000) SIM-free.

The hefty price tag can be softened if you choose khổng lồ pick the note 3 up on a two year contract, but you"ll still be paying a relatively high amount a month for the privilege - upwards of £35 per month in the UK if you want a không lấy phí phone.

In terms of competition there"s not a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá which compares khổng lồ the Samsung Galaxy note 3, but its closest competitor is currently the Sony Xperia Z Ultra which boasts a massive 6.4-inch which dwarfs even this handset.

A quick glance over the Galaxy cảnh báo 3 and it does exactly what we thought it would do: takes over the mantle as the world"s most powerful smartphone, although the advantage is a lot smaller this time.

First up we have to lớn mention the display - it"s grown again since the 5.5-inch offering on the cảnh báo 2 lớn a palm busting 5.7 inches complete with a full HD, 1080 x 1920 Super AMOLED display.

That"s the same resolution as the Galaxy S4, but as the screen is larger on the Galaxy chú ý 3 the pixel count isn"t as great at 386ppi, so it"s not quite as sạc sharp as its smaller brother. It still looks pretty impressive though - and so it should for the price Samsung is asking.

We"re still waiting for Samsung to embrace the full metal chassis we"ve enjoyed on the điện thoại htc One & the iPhone 5, but it is trying something slightly different with the lưu ý 3.

The Galaxy chú ý 3 has retained the metal frame from the Galaxy S4 running around the edge of the device providing a rigid body toàn thân and a more premium look, but it"s on the rear where Samsung has tried something new.

Lay the chú ý 3 face down, take a quick glance at the handset & it appears the rear is made of leather.

It isn"t, of course, it"s that famous plastic Samsung is so fond off. The finish is textured to give it the appearance of leather and this actually provides some much needed grip.

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Those stitches running round the outside of the back cover? Well that"s just a pattern formed in the plastic. It may not be everyone"s cup of tea và it looks a bit tacky upon closer inspection, but the chú ý 3 does feel like a solid, well built device.

On the plus side the plastic cover can be removed giving you access lớn the note 3"s sizable 3,200mAh battery as well as the microSD slot which is cleverly stacked on vị trí cao nhất of the microSIM port - allowing Samsung to lớn save some space.

Somehow Samsung has managed khổng lồ make the Galaxy note 3 slightly smaller than its predecessor, measuring 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm. That"s still quite a sizable device, but considering it"s got a slightly larger display, beefier processor và more powerful 13MP camera it"s an impressive feat.

Those of you blessed with smaller palms will still struggle to lớn hold the lưu ý 3 in one hand, especially when typing is involved, but thanks to its reduced weight (it"s 168g, down from 183g on the note 2) it"s certainly the most manageable Note điện thoại cảm ứng to date.

The sheer kích cỡ of the Galaxy chú ý 3 means you"ll be constantly shuffling it up & down your palm as you try và reach the volume rocker and power/lock keys located towards the vị trí cao nhất on the left và right sides of the handset và the thực đơn keys below the screen.

While the buttons are responsive, we found we tended khổng lồ employ our second hand khổng lồ help us out when moving from the power/lock key down lớn the home, menu và back buttons.

Under the hood of our đánh giá unit sat an insanely powerful 2.3GHz quad-core processor, although a select few markets will be treated lớn an octa-core option which houses two quad-core chips.

You also get 3GB of RAM & the option of 32GB or 64GB of internal storage in the Samsung Galaxy note 3, while the latest version of Google"s operating system - app android 4.3 Jelly Bean - runs merrily on vị trí cao nhất of all this.

From the front you"ll chú ý there"s a pleasingly slender bezel running down either side of that monster 5.7-inch display, while below you get the customary physical trang chủ key flanked by two touch keys - thực đơn on the left & back on the right.

You can"t see the touch keys when the note 3 is idle, as their backlights are only displayed when you unlock the handset or tap the area they"re located in.

They are incredibly responsive though, and you don"t have khổng lồ worry about getting your finger right on the logo, the area of recognition is wide enough khổng lồ pick up even the most misguided stabs.

Apart from the questionable leather-effect rear the Samsung Galaxy chú ý 3 offers up little in terms of design. Sure it looks a little more premium than the Galaxy lưu ý 2, & it does feel well made - but at the kết thúc of the day it"s a little uninspiring.

Those will petite palms or a penchant for skinny jeans will struggle with the kích cỡ of the lưu ý 3, but if you"ve been taken with its predecessors then you"ll be happy khổng lồ hear this is the best looking Note điện thoại thông minh to date.

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