Galaxy Z Flip & Z Flip 5G Folding Smartphone

The statement-making điện thoại thông minh gets upgraded with lightning-fast 5G speeds, so you can nội dung, play và vị more, faster.

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The full screen phone that folds khổng lồ fit in your pocket with revolutionary flexible display, a camera made lớn stvà on its own, và a dual battery that lasts all day. Meet the phone changing the shape of the future.1

Galaxy Z Flip 5G"s equipped with an upgraded processor so your phone meets the needs of 5G tốc độ.2 Download and enjoy your favorite movies and shows - HyperFast.

Galaxy Z Flip folds to be surprisingly small for an outstanding kiến thiết that easily fits inlớn your pocket, bag orpurse.



It"s an all-new, foldable form factor. Small, durable and unlike anything you’ve sầu held before.

*Image simulated for illustration purposes.


Galaxy Z Flip"s quality khung factor is enhanced with an impossible-to-ignore, eyecatching exterior in your choice of stunning hues. 3

Just as versatile as K-pop sensation BTS, the Galaxy Z Flip lets you do it all, with a cinematic display, an all-day battery¹ và external notifications. Plus, it fits in your pocket.

Galaxy Z Flip"s Infinity Flex Display is an immersive sầu Dynamic AMOLED screen delivering incredible color chất lượng và reduced blue light. With minimized bezels and no notch, it"s 6.7 inches of stunning cinematic viewing.4

Galaxy Z Flip unfolded with a picture of a man holding Galaxy Z Flipin Mirror Black và putting it into his pocket

*Image simulated for illustration purposes.*You may notice a crease at the center of the main display, which is a natural characteristic of the screen.

Meet the first-ever folding glass screen on a Galaxy. Yeah, we said folding glass. Made of Ultra Thin Glass, it sets you up for an epic view with a smooth, flat screen.

A closeup of Galaxy Z Flip in Mirror Blaông xã, folded at an angle with axanh blooming flower wallpaper onscreen to lớn show off the Ultra Thin Glass

Inspired by a lotus blossom, the Hideaway Hinge is precisely articulated for a satisfying folding motion—even allowing you to adjust the folding angle. Sweeper technology helps repel dirt and dust lớn keep your folds as smooth as your style.

Galaxy Z Flip in Mirror Purple seen from the rear slightly folded. The camera zooms in on the Hideaway Hinge and leads lớn a closeup view of the gears and articulated pieces inside the Hideaway Hinge moving as the phone folds and unfolds. Then a closeup view of the internal Sweeper technology, with bristles that keep the hinge clear of dirt và debris when the Galaxy Z Flip folds & unfolds. It ends with a closeup view of the way the hinge stays in place with Flex mode công nghệ. The phone is seen folding forward, then backwards, & then a woman is seen laying on the floor, pulling her legs up at a similar anglePlay


Your unique point of view just got more quality.

Closeup of the rear camera on Galaxy Z Flip in Mirror Black

The smartphone that can stand on its own.

Galaxy Z Flip folding technology allows for hands-không tính tiền Clip chats & previously unreachable selfies. So fold it, flip it, st& it. However you set it up, it reinvents the way you take photos on your phone.

*Image simulated for illustration purposes.

Galaxy Z Flip in Mirror Blachồng unfolded khổng lồ an angle & has the Camerainterface onscreen with a woman taking a selfie

A new perspective on how you shoot photos.

Galaxy Z Flip folds & holds its position at multiple angles, giving you the ability to capture amazing, low angle shots that play with perception for thought-provoking photos. Call it the new power pose.

Ready for the nightscene.

Galaxy Z Flip"s camera is powerful even at night. Seconds of long-exposure shots are morphed into lớn a work of video art with light trails. And when you fold the phone, it can st& lượt thích a tripod, working with Night Hyperlapse lớn give you a new kind of night shot.

Galaxy Z Flip operates in conjunction with a Sony image sensor.

How khổng lồ usenight hyperlapse

An aerial view of a seaside at night, with traffic và building lights. The pholớn expands to show the lower half of Galaxy Z Flip in the Camera. The cursor taps on More in the thực đơn, then it expands to show the whole phone. The cursor taps on Hyperlapse and it switches to lớn Hyperlapse mode, and the image on screen is an aerial view of a seaside at sunphối. The phone is mix on a tabletop in Flex Mode, and the cursor hits record, và the recording is taken to show nightfall và the lights illuminatingDisclaimer: Images simulated for illustrative sầu purpose. Sequence shortened. UI/UX are subject khổng lồ change. Availability of feature may vary by country and carrier.

Night Hyperlapse Clip of an aerial view of a thành phố at nightwith buildings lit up & oto headlights becoming light trails as they move


The phone experience, reimagined.

A whole new angle on Clip chatting.

Upgrade your voice hotline lớn a Google Duo video gọi & instantly experience clearer Clip chatting with the 10MPhường. Front Camera. 5

*Image simulated for illustration purposes.

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*Google Duo is a trademark of Google LLC.

Half screen, fullcontrol.

When you fold, Flex Mode splits apps in half và puts the controls on the bottom half—turning the top half into lớn a viewing area.5

*Image simulated for illustration purposes.

How lớn useflex mode

Galaxy Z Flip in Flex Mode on a tabletop, with a woman’s selfie & the Camera tiện ích on the screen. The cursor taps the timer and the woman onscreen poses. The camera captures the selfie and the cursor taps on the Gallery lớn show the selfies taken. It taps on a selfie to lớn enlarge it onscreen, showing it on the upper half of the screen while the lower half of the screen shows controls. The cursor taps Play Clip & it shows the selfie đoạn phim the woman just recorded. Then pulls out to lớn the full phone, unfoldedDisclaimer: Images simulated for illustrative sầu purpose. Sequence shortened. UI/UX are subject khổng lồ change. Availability of feature may vary by country và carrier.

Do it all. All at once

Level up your app use by having two open at once. Even better, launch two simultaneously — you can pair up apps you frequently use together. With App Pair & Multi Active sầu Window, multitasking is awesome on the massive sầu 6.7" screen.6, 7

*Applications in the Edge panel are not premix and need to lớn be selected by the user in Settings.

Galaxy Z Flip seen from the front with the flower wallpaper home screen onscreen. The Edge Panel slides out from the right side of the screen & a cursor taps App Pairing of Gallery & Messages. Both apps appear onscreen, demonstrating Multi-Active sầu Window

External notifications go with the flow.

Tap & swipe lớn control your phone, even when it"s folded shut. The cover screen notifies you at a glance, while contextual continuity lets you tap to seamlessly transition to relevant apps as you unfold your phone. 4

How khổng lồ usecover screen

Galaxy Z Flip in Mirror Purple, show folded, facing the front. It zooms in on the Cover Screen và the cursor taps twice on it. The Cover Screen shows the time & date and battery level. The cursor swipes khổng lồ the right và shows a Messages notification from Michelle that says “Lunch today?” Then swipes left to lớn bring back the date & time screen. It swipes left again lớn show the music controls. A phone Call from David pops up on the screen and the cursor swipes left khổng lồ reject it. The cursor double taps on the side button & a woman’s selfie appears on the cover display, then the cursor taps on the volume button to capture the selfieDisclaimer: Sequence shortened. UI/UX are subject khổng lồ change. Availability of feature may vary by country and carrier.

Galaxy Z Flip in Mirror Blachồng showing date and time on the CoverDisplay. It turns like a clock, swapping khổng lồ Purple Mirror Galaxy Z Flip with a phone callnotification on the Cover Display from Peter

The power to go on & on and on.

The dual battery holds more power in less space, letting you fold and unfold all day long. With 3300mAh (typical) và cutting-edge intelligence, Galaxy Z Flip"s all-day battery lets you make the most out of every charge.8, 9

*Image simulated for illustration purposes.

What"s in the box10

*Image shown is Galaxy Z Flip LTE. Galaxy Z Flip 5G does not include Clear Cover, USB Connector, Headphone, và USB connector leaflet in box.

Plus get all the best of Galaxyphones.

Wireless PowershareYou can charge your Galaxy Buds+ or Watch and even a friend’s phone.11

StorageSave all your hands-không lấy phí photos & footage with 256GB storage.12

AP và RAMA powerful 7nm processor và 8GB RAM let you livestream, binge stream và multitask with little lag.

Bixby VisionTurn your camera inlớn an intelligent tool lớn give sầu you information about the world around you.14

Cinema-grade displayAn HDR10+ viewing experience.

Eye care displayReduces eyestrain và sleep disturbances. KnoxMulti-layered protection to secure your phone from the chipup.

AuthenticationUnlock your phone with Face Recognition, Fingerprint Scan or a PIN, pattern or password.15

4K UHD RecordingRecord high-unique đoạn Clip that plays baông xã crisp và clear.

Photo and Video BokehBlur out backgrounds và add bokeh effects for artistic photos và videos.

Super SteadySuper Steady stabilizes đoạn phim to lớn make action shots look easy. 16

Ultra Wide CameraWith 12 megapixels và a 123-degree field of view, photos và panoramas are taken khổng lồ thenextcấp độ.

Custom FilterCreate your own filters based on the colors of a phokhổng lồ you love.

Single TakeTurns seconds of footage inkhổng lồ a variety of formats khổng lồ choose from.14


*The Dynamic AMOLED display on Galaxy Z Flip received the certification from VDE Germany for100 percent Mobile Màu sắc Volume in the DCI-P3 color range, which means your images aren’twashed out and you’ll get unbelievably vivid colors regardless of differing levels ofbrightness. The display can achieve sầu peak brightness of up to lớn 1100 nits, improving thecontrast between dark and light aspects of digital nội dung for brilliant picture chất lượng,with a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio khổng lồ make the thiết bị di động experience more immersive.


*SGS, the world"s leading certification company, awarded Galaxy Z Flip’s display the Eye CareCertification based on its ability lớn drastically reduce the harmful effects of xanh light.This certification can be found on