5.7” Display

Uniformall around

Design that is a delight to lớn hold. Sitting perfectly cấp độ with the rear casing the absence of any camera protrusion allows for uniformaly smooth và symmetrical design from all angles.

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Colored by nature

Set trends rather than follow them. All four available muted màu sắc tones are named afternatural elements lớn appeal more to the senses and blend harmoniously with its overall design.

*Availability of colors may vary by country.

Various màu sắc options for the Galaxy A7 (2017).Black Sky Various màu sắc options for the Galaxy A7 (2017).Gold Sand Various màu sắc options for the Galaxy A7 (2017).Peach Cloud Various màu sắc options for the Galaxy A7 (2017).Blue Mist

Capture richer stories

Grant your photos the added depth & detail they deserve thanks to lớn its powerful 16 MP camera.And with its speedy and accurate Auto Focus, you’ll be able khổng lồ capture unforgettable moments before they get away.

Expand your creativity

Enjoy greater creative control to make your visual storytelling much more brilliant. Optimize portraits or spice up màu sắc tones with a phối of preset camera filters lớn enhance your favorite photos.

*On-screen image taken with Galaxy A7 (2017).

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Capture life in optimal light

With its 16 MP front camera and bright display that doubles as a flash you capture sharper results even in low-light conditions. It also features a floating shutter optimized for better grip so images stay blur-free.

*On-screen image taken with Galaxy A7 (2017).

Safeguarded for the unexpected

Reliable protection so you can keep up with life wherever it takes you. Equipped with IP68 to withstand the elements it shields out everything from liquids lớn dust in most situations.

Powered forserious users

Power up quick with no time wasted. With longer battery life for even heavy usage & less time required for charging you can get on with more important day to day essentials.

Pack more in

Seamless balance, signature performance. With up khổng lồ 256 GB of expandable storage you can store even more of your favorite multimedia while enhanced dual SIM performance provides greater flexibility when travelling.

*Performance specifications may vary by country.

View in an instant

Get the essentials without even waking up your phone so you preserve time và power. With Always On Display your clock and calendar are always in sight for whenever you need them.

Safe & sound

Secure Folder keeps selected apps và sensitive data locked down and separate from the regular contents on your device. It also saves you from having lớn log in every time with one time authentication.

All withinreach

Peace of mind you can count on. Back up, upgrade và sync your data across all your Galaxy devices so everything is right where you need it. Even better, every Cloud account comes with 15 GB of storage.

Works both ways

Thanks khổng lồ its reversible plug orientation USB Type-C cable goes khổng lồ work whichever way you plug it in lớn your device. This means you can enjoy hassle-free charging without worrying which side is up.

More khổng lồ choose from

Dress up and modify your device for whatever suits your needs. From sturdy và stylish cases to durable screen protectors Galaxy A7 (2017) comes with a wide array of efficient accessories khổng lồ choose from.

*Availability of certain products may vary by country. Actual trang chủ screen may vary.

Simplify your spending

The easier way khổng lồ pay. With various payment options, including NFC and MST, Pay allows you to lớn make purchases swiftly và securely whenever you’re on the go.