The latest Galaxy mobile devices are equipped with an internal coil for wireless fast charging and wired adaptive fast charging, a built-in feature that allows the battery to charge much quicker.

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Check out how to lớn enable the fast-charge feature on your mobile devices and how khổng lồ properly plug in the USB cable to lớn the charging adapter. Also, view the types of authorized wired and wireless chargers available khổng lồ use for your mobile devices.


Step 3. Tap the Charging menu.

Select one of the charging modes below, based on the type of authorized fast charger you have.

To enable any one of the charging modes, simply tap the switch khổng lồ the right-side.

Fast charging : Enable this mode if you are using the Adaptive fast wired charger.

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Super fast charging : Enable this mode if you are using a wired Super fast charger.Fast wireless charging : Enable this mode if you are using a fast wireless charging pad.

If the USB cable is not properly plugged into the charging adapter, even if you are using a fast charger, your sản phẩm điện thoại device will not charge rapidly. Kiểm tra that you have pushed the USB cable tightly into the charger, otherwise, the fast charging feature will not work & very low charging capacity will be supplied to your mobile device. Accordingly, the charging tốc độ will decrease and time to lớn charge the battery fully will also take much longer.


Real image showing USB cable plugged into a charging adapter


Types of maylanhchuyennghiep.com authorized wired and wireless charging pad for Galaxy thiết bị di động devicesClick khổng lồ Expand

You are unable lớn use the fast charging feature or the super fast charging feature when you charge the battery using a standard battery charger. Lớn use the fast charging feature, you have to use a wired battery charger that supports Adaptive fast charging. Lớn use the super fast charging feature, you have to lớn use a wired USB PD (Power Delivery) charger that supports super fast charging.

Authorized fast và super fast charger consists of wired and wireless types. Please view the charger types in the images below.

maylanhchuyennghiep.com authorized wired charger 

Super Fast ChargingAdaptive Fast Charging



A fan embedded inside the charger may produce noise during fast wireless charging.If the device heats up or the ambient air temperature rises, the charging tốc độ may decrease automatically. This is a normal operating condition khổng lồ prevent damage khổng lồ the device.To increase the charging speed, it is recommended to lớn turn the device or its screen off.Availability of Super fast charging feature may differ depending on device models.