Bixby is the personalized assistant that’s at your command. It responds lớn your voice, so you can send texts, play music or mix reminders without lifting a finger. It can also translate street signs or menus from a foreign language using your phone"s camera.

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* Members

Connect with the community.

Get insider know-how & benefits.

Discover the full potential of your Galaxy device. With Members, you can discover exclusive benefits, learn about new apps and services and take advantage of expert support, diagnostic tools và the Galaxy community.

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Smart Switch

Switch phones in a flash.

Transfer all the good stuff.

We made switching to Galaxy stress-free. What you care about most on your old phone—your contacts, favorite apps, texts, photos—is coming with you.

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Galaxy Store

Get more. Trò chơi more.

The best way khổng lồ stay on vị trí cao nhất of your game.

Play the latest games, unlock ultimate exclusives & score the best offers — all in one spot. With expert recommendations and personalized content, the Galaxy Store is the place for endless discovery so you can up your game, every time.

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Tap. Pay. Go.

Check out fast. Earn extra rewards.

Get the digital wallet that"s convenient, seamless và rewarding. Pay for purchases at more places than any other digital wallet—all while earning extra rewards or cash back.

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cửa hàng

See"s best offers.

Get exclusives và không tính phí shipping.

Shop is the smarter way to lớn buy products. See promos tailored for you, estimate your phone’s trade-in value or use AR to see if a new TV fits your wall.

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Explore more ways khổng lồ earn.

Start earning today.

Earn points while you shop and even for using apps. Then, redeem your points toward purchases at và the Galaxy Store.

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Discover new content.

See what matters lớn you.

The nội dung you care about is right at your finger tips. Easily access all of your personalized news, playlists & entertainment—all in one place. It"s just one swipe away.

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Expand your phone"s display.

Step up your productivity.

With DeX, connect your Galaxy phone lớn a bigger device and share files. Go from multitasking between your máy tính xách tay and phone to presenting on a TV without a hitch.

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Scribble ideas and drawings.

Digitize your creations.

With Notes và the S Pen, turn your handwritten notes or drawings into shareable creations right from your Galaxy device. Even showroom photos và audio lớn notes.

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Surf on a better browser.

Easy. Fast. Secure.

Meet the best performing browser for Galaxy devices. With an ad-blocker & biometric login, customizable menus and streamlined video viewing, internet has what you need for going non-stop.

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Keep your memories safe

Back up your data

Vacation photos. Concert videos. Critical work files. Whether it’s data saved on your tablet or phone, you can easily back it up, access it or restore it all with Cloud.

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Track your wellness metrics.

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Hit your fitness goals. Health tracks your fitness, nutrition & sleep stats khổng lồ uncover insights that help you reach your fitness goals.

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game Launcher

Play by your own rules.

Fine-tune your settings.

Game Launcher lets you optimize settings for each game, so you can level-up your experience. Prioritize battery life or performance, manage pesky notifications and tải về updates automatically.

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Dream with your eyes open.

Explore wild, new worlds. VR và the Gear VR take you on breathtaking adventures that seem as real as they are immersive. Plus, there is still more to lớn explore on the XR app. Play 360-degree videos và discover the world of augmented reality on your phone.

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Organize photos with ease.

Create albums and share favorites.

Keep photos & videos on your phone organized and safe. With Gallery, you can view photos, create albums and share favorites in a snap.

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Showcase your drawings.

Join a community of artists.

Penup is where you can be an artist among artists. Join the community khổng lồ talk art, repost nội dung you lượt thích and cốt truyện your most impressive drawings from your phone.

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Free TV. No strings attached.

Free TV. No strings attached. Anytime, anywhere. TV Plus delivers instant access khổng lồ 190 channels and growing, in news, sports, entertainment, and more. Available on your TV và mobile devices. No subscriptions. No credit cards. Just free TV.

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Make life at trang chủ easier.

Control your smart trang chủ devices.

Save time and energy while living the good life. Manage everything from your TV and washing machine khổng lồ the lights và thermostat.

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Discover a library of fun.

Develop STEM và reading skills. Kids is a virtual playground of educational games, books & videos all in one app. Better yet, it"s parent-controlled so you can always stay involved.

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Protect your data và privacy.

Defense-grade security.

Keep your điện thoại life—photos, messages, banking info & more— protected with Knox. It’s the ultra-secure platform that safeguards your personal data for apps like Pay, Health và Secure Folder.

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Unlock with a glance or touch.

Log in faster và easier.

Tired of forgetting your password? Log into apps và websites using your face, iris or fingerprint via Pass. It isn"t just convenience—it"s security made simple.

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