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Last year, three of the top five bestselling phones worldwide were Samsung phones, according lớn Counterpoint Research, holding the number three, four, và five sầu spots after the iPhone XR và 11. If you live in the US, when you think of Samsung, you probably think of the Galaxy S or chú ý — but the Samsung phones that sold so well were midrange Galaxy A-series phones.

Samsung is making a big push to lớn sell more of these phones in the US with the $399 Galaxy A51. That price puts it in direct competition with the iPhone SE, but there are plenty of other Android phones that come in under $500. What makes the A51 different is Samsung’s kinh doanh budget & partnerships. It is available unlocked on Amazon and Samsung’s trang web, which is significant for a midrange Samsung device, & it’s also on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, & Xfinity điện thoại.

Compared to lớn the iPhone SE, the A51’s main draw is its screen, a big 6.5-inch OLED. Samsung is saying the phone is “awesome” across three specs: screen, camera, and battery life. It even made a bonkers meme-filled ad to lớn drive those points home page. (You should watch it because the ad really is awesome.) The Galaxy A51, sadly, is not quite that good.

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Our Reviews of Samsung Galaxy A51

Verge Score 7 out of 10

Every phone has trade-offs, and $399 phones have sầu more than $1,000 ones. So phone makers need khổng lồ piông chồng their priorities, & Samsung clearly picked the screen. Given that it’s the thing people look at & interact with hundreds of times per day, it’s a good thing to lớn pick.

But I can nitpiông chồng — not about the screen but about what’s underneath it — specifically, the hole-punch selfie camera. I have no problem with hole-punch cameras. In fact, I generally prefer them lớn notches of any kích thước. But for reasons surpassing understanding, Samsung put a small chrome ring around the camera. It catches at certain angles when the light hits it just so, and then it’s hard lớn unsee it. It’s bizarre.

The other thing under the screen is an optical fingerprint sensor. I’m not sure if Samsung just doesn’t have enough reps in with these sensors or what, but it’s terribly slow. It can take as much as a second for the green animation to jitter its way through lớn let you know the phone is unlocked. It’s not the most accurate sensor either, especially in direct sunlight.

So the screen is... awesome. The things under the screen are not.


Unfortunately, that assessment extends to lớn the processor and RAM as well. In the US, most familiar Samsung phones use Qualcomilimet processors, but this A51 uses a Samsung Exynos 9611, a midrange chip that isn’t quite up khổng lồ the task of making this phone feel snappy. Apps take a long time to lớn load — especially if they haven’t been opened recently and so aren’t already active sầu in the 4GB of RAM.

Once you’re in a browser or an phầm mềm, things move along at a decent enough clip. But every now & then, it struggles to lớn render a screen or load up the next thing in your feed.

As I said, different phone makers have to lớn piông xã their priorities on these less-expensive sầu phones. Apple, for example, kept the same-old iPhone 8 body with its smaller screen and massive bezels for the iPhone SE, but it put in the faskiểm tra Mobile processor available: the A13 Bionic. Samsung chose differently.

Battery life is okay, but it doesn’t quite hit Samsung’s claim that it’s “long-lasting.” I’m getting just over a day — better than I could on the iPhone SE for sure. But with a 4,000mAh cell and a 1080p screen, I was a little surprised I didn’t get much better. In theory, those specs should have added up khổng lồ something much more impressive sầu, & I wonder if perhaps that Exynos processor is partly lớn blame.


Finally, there’s the camera system, which consists of more lenses than necessary. The main lens has a 48-megapixel sensor that kicks out 12-megapixel images by default. Those images are, lượt thích virtually any camera these days, decent enough in good lighting. I was pleasantly surprised khổng lồ see good Trắng balance, something that Samsung sometimes misses on. But Samsung’s other bad tendency of unnaturally lifting shadows is still sticking around.

You probably know what’s coming: it falls down hard in low light — worse than the iPhone SE, in fact. And when you really zoom in on details on the A51, there’s a lot more mess than you’d get on other điện thoại thông minh cameras — including at 48 megapixels.

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Grid View

There’s a 12-megapixel ultrawide and a 5-megapx macro camera, each of which is more about having fun than getting great shots. Fun is good! I enjoyed using these cameras. There’s also a “5-megapixel” depth camera that didn’t appear to bởi vì anything useful, at least as far as portrait mode is concerned. Finally, the selfie camera is 32 megapixels, and it produces photos that often look over-processed.

Lastly, the software. Samsung’s One UI customizations on top of Android continue khổng lồ make using a big-screened phone nicer. But Samsung’s willingness to lớn let carriers junk their phones with crapware also continues: my Verizon-based đánh giá unit was absolutely littered with games & services nobody toàn thân would want. I also wish I could say that I trust this phone will get software updates for more than two or three years.

Of the three “awesome” things Samsung promised, I think the Galaxy A51 only hits one & a half of them. The screen is awesome, the battery life is pretty good, và the camera doesn’t impress. The Pixel 3A (and, presumably, the impending 4A) & the iPhone SE shocked at how good their cameras are for $399. But the A51’s photos definitely look lượt thích they come out of a midtier phone.

Making a good $400 phone is difficult, & none of them can be awesome across every possible metric. But you want at least a few parts of the phone khổng lồ feel like they came from something much pricier. Except for the screen, not enough of the Galaxy A51 is awesome.

Agree lớn continue: Samsung Galaxy A51

Every smart device now requires you lớn agree to a series of terms và conditions before you can use it — contracts that no one actually reads. It’s impossible for us lớn read & analyze every single one of these agreements. But we started counting exactly how many times you have lớn hit “agree” khổng lồ use devices when we review them since these are agreements most people don’t read and definitely can’t negotiate.

To use the Samsung Galaxy A51, you must agree to:

The End User License AgreementSamsung’s Privacy PolicyGoogle Terms of Service (including Privacy Policy)Google Play Terms of Service

There are many optional agreements. If you use a carrier-specific version, there will be more of them. Here are just a few:

Samsung “Information Linking” and sending diagnostic dataGoogle Drive sầu backup, Location services, W-Fi Scanning, diagnostic dataAutomatic installs (including from Google, Samsung, and your carrier)Bixby privacy police (required to lớn use Bixby), plus optional for Bixby options lượt thích personalized content, data access, và audio recording review

There may be others. For example, I already had a Samsung tài khoản, so I didn’t need khổng lồ agree lớn more terms for that. Samsung’s Weather tiện ích also has its own privacy policy that may include sharing information with

Finally, if you get a carrier version of the A51. The Verizon edition we tested had options for Verizon’s location, tiện ích info, cloud services, và even a “Digital secure” virut service — none of which are necessary but all of which are persistent và annoying during the thiết lập process.

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Final tally: there are four mandatory agreements, about eight optional ones I expect most users will want to lớn agree to lớn, và four or more carrier agreements I hope most users say no to.

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