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If you forgot how lớn unloông chồng your thiết bị di động device or if the loông xã method you registered on your di động device does not work, you can proceed khổng lồ unlock your điện thoại device by using the Find My thiết bị di động feature or use the Smart Loông chồng feature on your mobile device. You can view the detailed steps for each method below.

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The Find My thiết bị di động feature, as its name suggests, is a feature that helps you find your Smartphone device. You can remotely unlochồng your Mobile device by accessing the Find My điện thoại website. In order to use this feature however, you need to make sure your thiết bị di động device has met the following preconditions outlined below.

mobile device must be turned device must be connected lớn Wi-Fi or mobile network.Your tài khoản must be registered on your Mobile device và have the Remote unlock option enabled.


Please view the details outlined below that provide steps to enable the Remoted unlock option on your di động device as well as how khổng lồ unlock your Smartphone device using the Find My thiết bị di động trang web.



Step 1. mở cửa the mạng internet browser on your notebook và input đầu vào the following website address: https://findmydi độ, click on the Sign in button and đầu vào your login credentials of your account, then cliông xã on Sign in button once more.


Step 2. The sản phẩm điện thoại device registered under your account will appear on the right-side of the screen. If you have sầu multiple devices registered under the same trương mục, make sure you select the device that needs to be remotely unlocked. Refer khổng lồ the image below và clichồng on the Unlock ibé lớn unlochồng your device.

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Step 3. Once you cliông xã on Unlock, a pop-up window will appear asking lớn verify the password of your account. After you input your password, cliông xã on the NEXT button, the pop-up window will automatically cthảm bại and another pop-up window will appear with the result of remotely unlocking your device.


You can set the device lớn unloông chồng itself và remain unlocked when trusted locations or devices are detected.

For example, if you have sầu mix your trang chủ as a trusted location, when you get home your device will detect the location & automatically unlochồng itself.


This feature will be available lớn use after you set a screen loông xã method. If you do not use your device for four hours or when you turn on the device, you must unloông chồng the screen using the pattern, PIN, or password you mix.

Step 2. Unlochồng the screen using the prephối screen loông chồng method.


Step 3. Select an option và follow the on-screen instructions lớn complete the thiết đặt.


The type of Smart Lochồng method

On-body detection: Keep your device unlocked while it"s on youTrusted places: Add location where device should be unlockedTrusted devices: Add device lớn keep this one unlocked when it"s nearby

Note: It is not recommended lớn use the On-toàn thân detection to set as a Smart Loông xã because this mode is unable to lớn distinguish between the actual owner of the Mobile device và a complete stranger.

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