Samsung Galaxy A51

How to pin the screen on an Samsung Galaxy A51?

There are times when we need someone else to use our Samsung Galaxy A51 either khổng lồ see a photo, a video, use an application or visit a web page, but we vị not want them lớn be able khổng lồ access the rest of the applications and data on our device either by privacy, security or to lớn avoid mistakes.For example, there are times when we need to give the Samsung Galaxy A51 to lớn a friend, family thành viên or even a small child và we bởi vì not want them lớn leave that phầm mềm that we have opened. This is very useful, for example, so that young children can watch videos on YouTube without leaving the application và we can even prevent them from doing anything other than watching, that is, blocking the cảm biến panel until we want.Imagine that you want to let someone see a photo or đoạn phim from Instagram but you don"t want them to be able to “like” that publication or see the rest of the publications & “gossip”, since it is possible to bởi vì so on our Galaxy A51, follow the following steps and we will tell you how to lớn configure it.This feature is only available from apk version 9, the Galaxy A51 comes from the factory with version app android 9.0 (Pie).In Samsung devices, this function has a slightly different name than in pure apk devices, in "One UI" (the Samsung customization layer of your Samsung Galaxy A51) this function is called "Pin windows" although it has practically the same functions. Than in pure android but it is located in a different section within the settings.

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

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1- First step:

As most android functions "Pin windows" must be activated from the Samsung Galaxy A51 settings, for this we click on "Settings" to start with the configuration.


2- Second step:

Scroll down the Samsung Galaxy A51 settings, look for the section called "Biometrics and security", click khổng lồ access.


3- Third step:

The pin window function is a bit hidden in the Samsung Galaxy A51 settings so we must click on "Other security settings" lớn access these hidden settings.


4- Fourth step:

Scroll down through the Samsung Galaxy A51 screen until you find the "Pin windows" section, click on the button on the right khổng lồ activate it. Click on the text khổng lồ define its additional settings.


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5- Fifth step:

You will see instructions for use when you activate it. Click on "Ask for pin before unpinning" if you want lớn put a different code than the one you have to unlock the Samsung Galaxy A51, in this way you can protect your personal unlock code or pattern.


6- Sixth step:

We have already activated this very interesting function to lớn lend the Samsung Galaxy A51 lớn someone else. Now to test how it works or put it into use you must open the application that you want khổng lồ "anchor" or keep xuất hiện and from which you will not be able to lớn exit without unlocking the Galaxy A51, once opened you must press the recent applications button, it is the button with three vertical stripes at the bottom left of the screen of your Galaxy A51.


7- Seventh step:

Now click on the icon of the application that you want lớn "pin on the screen" lớn display the thực đơn of available options.


8- Eighth step:

Among the options that will now appear displayed you will see "Pin this app". Press to pin this application or window on your Samsung Galaxy A51.


9- Ninth step:

Since you have the application or window pinned on the screen, anyone using your Samsung Galaxy A51 will not be able khổng lồ exit the application without knowing the unlock code or pattern that you have defined. When you have finished và you want khổng lồ deactivate or stop setting this application, you must press and hold the back & recent applications buttons at the same time as seen in the image below.


With these simple steps we have learned lớn activate & use "Pin windows" in our Samsung Galaxy A51, once configured you can use it at any time by pressing the recent applications button as appears in point six.