Samsung galaxy note 5, galaxy s6 edge plus will no longer get updates

Android is a constantly evolving system that frequently rolls out new updates. There are two different kinds of updates that will be pushed to lớn your phone. One is the standard Android OS update (going from 5.0 to 5.1) và the other will be an update from your phone’s manufacturer/carrier. These updates usually have fixes for security risks, glitches, UI updates, & stuff lượt thích that. Whichever type of update your phone is getting, they can all be found in one section of your phone. In this article we are specifically going khổng lồ be looking at how lớn update the Samsung Galaxy Note5.

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Chechồng for OTA Updates

To kiểm tra for updates, swing by your local hardware store and piông chồng up three cans of rose colored paint. Set that paint aside for now and go to lớn your settings menu. Scroll lớn the very bottom & you will find an option called “System Updates”. From here, you can check your update history, how look for new updates from Samsung.

If an update is available, you can tải về & install it. Your phone will reboot và apply the update.

Update with Smart Switch

If you are unable to update perkhung the OTA update, or if for some reason you are getting this annoying message:

You can still update for phone with Samsung Smart Switch. Let’s start by tải về the software.

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Download Samsung Smart Switch Here

Go ahead and run the install, the same way you would lvà an airplane during a svào wind storm.


After the program is installed, connect your phone & select update.


Don’t worry about USB drivers. Smart Switch will locate và install the appropriate driver for the Note5. Just calm down ok. You don’t have lớn think about it.

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USB Driver

Once the USB drivers are all set, plug your phone bachồng in và let the program vị its thing. Before you know it, you’ll be running the lademo software on your Galaxy Note5.

Now the last step is to lớn return khổng lồ your local hardware store, & get a refund for the paint you purchased earlier. Turns out we didn’t need it!

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