In a world of $1000 flagships used for little more than WhatsApp & calendar alerts, is there a place for the Nokia 27đôi mươi Flip? HMD Global’s lachạy thử ‘retro’ designed phone was launched last month, & it’s a curious little beast.

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Is the Notê 2720 Flip a smartphone? Using the standards from 15 years ago the answer is yes. It allows third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ apps to lớn be installed, it can access the internet and various online services; there’s a web browser, email client, social truyền thông access; it ticks many of the boxes that were being suggested then và are de facto lớn requirements now.

It is also saddled with many of the quirks I remember from the first generation of smartphones. There is no touch screen, your đầu vào is through a standard number pad (so welcome baông xã khổng lồ T9 predictive sầu text or sequential cycling through letters on each key), you have a small resolution screen, but you bởi vì have sầu a 3.5milimet tai nghe jaông xã & microSD thẻ support.

Also, fifteen years have passed.

Compared to lớn today’s functional beats, the Nokia 2720 is far from it. The Notê 2720 is clearly a ‘featurephone’ in today’s market, but there’s enough ứng dụng options to keep you connected through email, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsứng dụng, và the like. This is down to lớn the handmix running the Linux-based KaiOS, a lightweight Mobile OS for feature phones that, as noted, offers a nice selection of apps lớn keep you connected.

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It’s also worth nothing that the 27trăng tròn comes with Google Assistant & a dedicated button to launch the voice powered assistant. Having Google’s dictation show up on the screen does give sầu the illusion of tốc độ, và the immediate answer is always rewarding, but once it passes you over khổng lồ the browser to lớn tải về things, it start khổng lồ slow down. It’s usable, & baông xã in 2004 this would have been magical. Now it’s a solution that works, but doesn’t stand up to lớn comparisons with even a minimally specced AndroidGo handset.

But I don’t think the target markets for the Notê 27trăng tròn Flip are the same markets that are looking for a full smartphone experience. The 27đôi mươi can fit into lớn many roles… be it a courtesy phone provided by a spa or resort to lớn accompany you without you having lớn carry your regular phone, or a phone that keeps you lightly connected but places your digital life in the background.

Let’s not forget that HMD Global has been doing some nice numbers business-wise with its ‘retro’ re-imaginings, with the classic Nokia 3310 returning in 3G and 4G form, và the return of the Nocơ ‘Bannanaphone’ in last year’s Notê 8810 4G.

Given that this is clearly a flip-phone, a khung factor much more popular in the US than Europe, I suspect that the handphối has been built primarily for US carriers looking for a quality feature phone with just a hint of retro & nostalgia. And HMD has delivered.

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Now read more about HMD Global’s range of feature phones under the Nokia brand…

Disclaimer: HMD Global suppled a Notê 27trăng tròn Flip for nhận xét purposes.


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