Nokia 7 Plus Review: The Perfect Mid

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( - hãng nokia has seen itself resurrected. Leaping from the frying pan into the Windows Phone fire, the resurgence under the tutelage of HMD Global has been impressive.

That comeback has been in the affordable end of the market, where nokia has released a lot of phones, avoiding direct competition with the flagship giants. Mass-market appeal remains a key aim of the company - as is clear with the nokia 7 Plus.

This phone is really about offering the latest trends - there"s an 18:9 display on the front and a dual camera on the back - competing with the cheaper likes of the Honor 7X (£249) or xe máy G6 Plus (£269). Price ignored, however, và the nokia brings lots of advantages. đoạn phim OF THE DAY
Our quick take

The nokia 7 Plus is one of Nokia"s biggest phones, physically. And, arguably, one of its most important phones. It"s positioned towards the middle of Nokia"s pack, offering a little more than the hãng nokia 6.1, but not reaching up khổng lồ the flagship hãng nokia 8 grade.

By embracing the 18:9 aspect ratio, the 7 Plus delivers that modern display, although the thiết kế isn"t as tight & aggressive as it could be, being a little taller and bezel-laden than it could be. That the additional space hasn"t been used lớn boost something else, like the poor speakers, seems like an oversight.

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Otherwise there"s a lot lớn like: there"s plenty of power for the price, while battery endurance is respectable and fast-charging certainly useful. The pure app android One software is great lớn use (aside from that small Wi-Fi issue - which which we think has been fixed).

That"s all matched with a great dual cameras combination. This is one of the most affordable 2x zoom smartphones on the market and, generally speaking, it delivers a solid experience, providing more than cheaper dual-lens systems that only offer bokeh modes.

The hãng nokia 7 Plus benefits from such zoom additions, which are needed to lớn justify the price. Ultimately, you can get handsets with a similar spec for a touch less cash. With that said, the 7 Plus is a good handset. We"ve been happily using this phone for a couple of weeks without feeling that we"re missing out on a premium experience. On balance, we think it"ll be worth leaning towards the nokia for many prospective buyers.

Alternatives to consider

Honor 7X

The Honor 7X is a mid-range phone, aggressively priced, offering a dual camera thiết đặt and an 18:9 display. So far, so similar. The nokia 7 Plus has the advantage of being newer & escaping Honor"s EMUI software, while also offering 2x zoom, so many will find the camera experience more compelling. The Honor is some £100 cheaper, however.

Motorola xe máy G6 Plus

Motorola has long dominated the affordable end of the market, but that position is changing slightly, with the G series now offering more mid-range appeal thanks lớn its glass-backed finish. The xe máy G6 Plus gives a fairly clean android software experience, much like the nokia proposition, but can"t muster quite the same battery life or hardware. What holds the hãng nokia back as the outright winner is that current Wi-Fi rebooting issue.