Iphone 6S Plus 128Gb

Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128GB Gold - Fully Unlocked

This is an điện thoại iphone 6S Plus 128GB Gold - Fully Unlocked The phone has a clean ESN & IMEI.The phone is Unlocked

This device has been rigorously tested for every single functionality based on a 24-Point Inspection. It is a 100% functional device. The Touch-ID also works perfectly.The phone comes with a 30-Day Warranty from the day you purchase the device. If you are not 100% satisfied with this device, we will issue a FULL REFUND. We tested every single functionality of the device we sell to lớn ensure the phone will have no functionality issues whatsoever.

Bạn đang xem: Iphone 6s plus 128gb

It is only a phone & charging cable, no power nguồn adapter or earbuds.

We provide fast shipping! This phone will be shipped within the same business day it is sold.

Xem thêm: Máy Lọc Không Khí Honeywell Hac30M1301G, Nên Mua Loại Nào Tốt

Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128GB Gold - Fully Unlocked

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Processor: Apple

Operating System: iOS

Connector: Lightning

Screen Type: OLED

Unlocked or Tied khổng lồ a Carrier? : Unlocked

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