After adding a new rose gold màu sắc to its iPhone lineup just last year, táo came back with not one but two brand new colors when it launched the iPhone 7 và iPhone 7 Plus last month. While rose gold was a flashy addition, 2016’s new colors are both far more subdued. We’ve got a deepmatte black color called simply “black,” and a glossy new jet màu đen that almost has a mirror finish in some lighting. They’re both sleek & stealth, and they’re believed to lớn be two of the most desirable colors among users. But if you decided lớn go black this year, your work isn’t done until you complete the look.

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The new iPhone 7 và iPhone 7 Plus feature newdisplays that arebig upgrades compared to last year’s iPhone models, especially where colors are concerned. One display expert even went as far as to call the new iPhone screens “visually indistinguishable from perfect.” As beautiful as colors are on the new displays though, you absolutely need to go with a đen wallpaper if you own a đen or jet đen iPhone. It absolutely completes the new look.

We told you about a special đen wallpaper back in September that causes a glitch in the iPhone’s interface & makes the dock completely disappear along with thư mục backgrounds. That wallpaper is still a fan favorite among iPhone 7 users, & it’s definitely the way to lớn go if you want khổng lồ fully embrace stealth mode. But no one wants to lớn use the same wallpaper all the time, and we found some more great options for people who want to keep things dark.

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Via Reddit, we’re pointed to lớn designer Jean-Marc Denis’s website, where he offers free downloads of several different đen wallpapers. Each one has several variations, and they’re formatted for either a computer or a smartphone. You’ll find a few quick samples below, và the rest can be found by following this link.





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