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I have feature kiểm tra newest version the application, if current version is lesser than version in server it will show dialog to lớn update the application like this .

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in above update, if i cliông chồng copy link and download, it will copy url và open the browser,after that download .app android from url VPS i already setting. it"s work , but i want make it more efficient. I want if i clichồng the button , it will download .app android from VPS & show the progress tải về without open the browser. How can i bởi this ? Thank"s

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Play Store

It"s not a feature currently available to lớn my knowledge. In apps I develop, I can check the version number và bloông xã the user from using the ứng dụng via a dialog, but provide a links lớn the Play Store, so they can update to the lakiểm tra version.

However, Android 11 provides Inline Updates, which provides a more streamlined experience.

Cheông chồng out In-App Updates

Android 11 as of this date is currently in pReview. To use the APIs you will have lớn use a platkhung channel khổng lồ gọi natively from Flutter.

Side loading

Chechồng out Install Application programmatically on Android

You will have sầu to use http khổng lồ tải về the APK lớn external storage, then gọi these APIs via a platform channel.

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Yes you can make it to where when you cliông xã a button, a file (any format including APK) is downloaded to the Downloads/Files folder of the user"s device.

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However, it is something that is handled by the hệ thống that is storing the files.

For example, if you tap on this liên kết, it will automatically tải về a PDF tệp tin on your Android phone or on your browser, even if PDFs generally open inside your browser.

There is a few suggestions given here on how lớn vày it, including setting "Content-Disposition: attachment" or "Content-Type: application/octet-stream"

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