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điện thoại thông minh Bphone 3 was launched by Corporation in a grvà event at the National Convention Center (Hanoi) in the morning of October 10, 2018. It was a special day of Double Ten 10/10.

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The Bphone 3 launching sự kiện took place right at the place where 2 previous generations of Bphone had been launched (in 2015 và 2017). The main hall could accommodate 3,800 seats & this morning it was crowded. With experience, the Bphone 2018 sự kiện was better organized and quite unassuming. In particular, this was a rare large-scale giải pháp công nghệ event held fairly punctually and briefly (about 50 minutes on stage plus the time for about 2,500 guests to experience the product).



Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang, Chairman và CEO of, introduced Bphone 3.

Bphone 3 also got closer to the di động market. Instead of positioning in the high-kết thúc segment lượt thích 2 previous versions, Bphone 3 was launched into the middle-kết thúc segment full of sellers & buyers. There were two versions of Bphone 3 (6,990,000 VND – about 300 USD) và Bphone 3 Pro (9,990,000 VND – about 430 USD). The opening date for sale over 300 retail stores nationwide was on October 19, 2018 with a one-for-one warranty policy in 30 days after purchase.

In this article, let’s explore Bphone 3 from a giải pháp công nghệ perspective sầu.

Get khổng lồ know Bphone 3

If the first Bphone had its own thiết kế which was quite strange và Bphone 2’s kiến thiết was more familiar with the market, Bphone 3 is an Android điện thoại thông minh that is both familiar and strange. It is familiar because of the common kiến thiết và strange because the screen does not have sầu the traditional "chin" of Android smartphone (2 side edges và bottom edge are bezel-less).

Bphone 3 has FullHD+ 6-inch IPS screen (1080 x 2160 pixels), pixel density of 403 dpi, designed upon the simplified principle, has the width of 75.31milimet, the length of 151.96milimet and the thickness of 7.5milimet, the weight of 160g, battery of 3000mAh, Qualcomilimet Quiông xã Charge 3.0, IP68-rated water resistance, USB 2.0 Type-C 1.0, no 3.5milimet audio jack. Bphone uses the BOS 3.0 operating system based on Android 8.1 Oreo, Qualcomilimet Snaprồng 636 CPU, 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM (for Bphone 3) & Qualcomilimet Snaprồng 660, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM (for Bphone 3 Pro), supports microSD memory card up to lớn 256GB with separate tray. Bphone 3 is equipped with AI camera công nghệ, rear camera of 12MP, f/1.8, PDAF Dual Pixel, 1.28µm pixel size, 1/2.8 inch sensor kích cỡ, stacking macro, bokeh capturing with Google DeepLab và Nature Bokeh technologies, front camera off 8MP, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Dual-b&, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth không dây 5.0.



Unibody toàn thân aluminum frame, 2 Gorilla Glass surfaces


IPS 6 inch, Full HD+ (1080x2160 pixel), 2 side edges & bottom edge are bezel-less


Bphone 3: Qualcomilimet SnapLong 636, 8 cores: 4x1.8 GHz Kryo Gold, 4x1.6 GHz Kryo Silver

Bphone 3 Pro: Qualcomilimet Snaprồng 660, 8 cores: 4x2.2 GHz Kryo Gold, 4x1.8 GHz Kryo Silver


RAM 4GB và ROM 64GB (Bphone 3 Pro). RAM 3GB & ROM 32GB (Bphone 3). Expandable memory card: MicroSD, up to lớn 256 GB

Camera AI camera.

Front camera: 8MP

Rear camera: 12MP, f/1.8, PDAF Dual Pixel, 1.28µm px kích thước, một nửa.8 inch sensor kích thước, stacking macro, bokeh capturing with Google DeepLab and Nature Bokeh technologies

Operating system

BOS 3.0 based on Android 8.1 Oreo


Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Dual-bvà, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot, Công nghệ Bluetooth 5.0.

mobile network


SIM tray

Dual Nano SIM




3000mAh Non-removable Li-Ion. Qualcomilimet Quiông chồng Charge 3.0


Blaông chồng tichảy và White silver (Bphone 3)

Blachồng Gold & White Gold (Bphone 3 Pro)


151.96 x 75.31 x 7.5




Fingerprint touch at bachồng. USB 2.0 Type-C 1.0 without jaông chồng audio 3.5milimet. IP68 water resistance. Security, no virut, no spam

“Bottomless” screen


What is most proud of & also is a feature that creates the difference for Bphone 3 is the display screen that calls "bottomless". If the top part is not included, it looks like the screen of the iPhone X.


While Android smartphones have lớn leave sầu a part (though increasingly thinner) at the bottom of the screen (so-called the "chin"), make it impossible to lớn be bottomless, Bphone 3 has achieved a breakthrough as "abandoning the chin", expanding the screen khổng lồ be "bezel-less" at the bottom. As a result, Bphone 3 can be bezel-less in all 3 edges (2 side edges & bottom edge), narrowing the border of these 3 edges khổng lồ only 2.25milimet. introduced Bphone 3 as the world"s first Android smartphone with a "no chin" screen.


Because it is impossible to "abandon the chin", other Android smartphones can only be bezel-less on 2 side edges & a part of the top (due lớn leaving a function area called "rabbit ears" for camera cluster, sensors, LED & speaker). To be totally bezel-less in the top part, smartphones lượt thích Oppo Find X and Xiaongươi Mi Mix 3 have sầu lớn design the functions cluster and slide camera. As for the "chin", they can only try lớn narrow it khổng lồ be as thin as possible but not bezel-less.

In order to achieve that "no chin" screen, had to lớn solve the challenge when the screen almost touched the below frame, or the device antenna. That means they had to lớn rekiến thiết the antenmãng cầu accordingly và still ensure the signal unique. Fortunately, had experience in designing antennas from Bphone 2. During the launch of Bphone 2 in 2017, Mr. Thieu Phuong Nam, General Director of Qualcomm Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia, said Qualcomm experts highly appreciated the antenna that had redesigned.

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At Bphone 3 launching event, Mr. Thieu Phuong Nam said that Qualcomilimet & had cooperated since năm trước for Bphone projects. wants khổng lồ thiết kế Bphone as simple as a glass sheet, with no redundant details distracting users. On Bphone 3, they achieved bezel-less edges on 3 sides. Because did not choose the solution of slide camera, was forced khổng lồ leave a portion of the top part for the function cluster, và they tried khổng lồ narrow it down.

Single camera can still take bokeh photos


Accepting the disadvantage in communication and marketing for not following the dual camera trend, chose a single camera, but applied artificial intelligence giải pháp công nghệ AI camera that had been used in Bphone 2.


Camera hardware on Bphone 3 is better than Bphone 2, with a 12MPhường camera, a large aperture of f/1.8 (similar lớn iPhone Xs), the sensor size larger than 1/2.8 inch (compared to 1/3 inch of iPhone X), px form size larger than 1.28µm (compared to 1.12µm of Bphone 2), advanced autofocus công nghệ & Dual Pixel PDAF (similar lớn iPhone Xs).


Stacking macro. Right from Bphone 2, Macro shooting was taken care of by & made a good impression. In Bphone 3, this feature is upgraded with Stacking macro giải pháp công nghệ. With this new công nghệ, when taking macro shots, the camera will take a series of images with different focus points then use an algorithm to lớn apply these individual images inlớn a broadly focused image.

In the illustration, showed that in normal Macro mode, the focus area was half of the model"s eye; in Stacking macro, the whole eye was in focus.



To get bokeh effect with only one camera, exploited the power of algorithm combined with AI. In Bphone 3, the bokeh effect based on Google DeepLab project, which was used on Google Piexl 2 smartphone, is raised khổng lồ a better level when combined with Nature Bokeh Dual Pixel công nghệ developed by Thus, Bphone 3 still has the ability lớn take bokeh photos like dual cameras with smoother và more realistic object borders.

điện thoại of the security algorithm developer

* has developed from the field of computer antivi khuẩn software and has advantages in network security solutions. They have exploited this advantage lớn create a difference for their Bphone. It can be said that Bphone 3 is a điện thoại thông minh protected from head khổng lồ toe. Especially impressively, according khổng lồ, Bphone 3 has the ability lớn avoid theft. Even if the lost Bphone 3 is reset to factory settings, whenever it is started và connected lớn the network, the owner could still find its location, comm& the cameras lớn take the picture of the holder and the scene, as well as order the remote locking. Even, the owner could display on the lock screen of that device with a warning message & his phone number.

* continues to lớn claim that Bphone 3 is a smartphone of no virut and no spams. Bphone 3 is equipped with a special version of sản phẩm điện thoại Security software which is deeply integrated inkhổng lồ the core of BOS operating system. has introduced AI công nghệ inkhổng lồ virus và malware protection. Spam Smart Filter has also been improved more strongly.

Replace navigation bar with full gesture system


Bphone 3 runs BOS 3.0 operating system customized by based on Android 8.1 Oreo platsize. said that while maintaining the openness of Android, BOS was simplified to lớn run more smoothly & use up less resources và energy. In particular, has integrated inlớn the BOS the features and applications developed on their own to optimize the software platform for the device.


In order for users to better experience the characteristics of the bottomless screen, replaced the traditional navigation bar on Android with a full gesture control system. Instead of 3 basic keys of Back, trang chủ & Multitasking, you can swipe your finger on the screen.

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Quiông chồng swipe inside from the right or left edge of the screen: Bachồng to lớn the previous interface, tiện ích.


Quiông xã swipe up from the bottom of the screen: Baông chồng khổng lồ Home screen


Swipe up a line from the bottom of the screen và hold it for a while: Enter Multitasking


Swipe from the left or right edge and hold for a while: xuất hiện the screen of Settings

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