The galaxy s8 and note 8 can now be upgraded to android 10

Samsung’s Android 10 roll out is slowing down, but we’re still getting questions from Galaxy users who are still running Android Pie. Some of those questions are coming from Galaxy lưu ý 8 users who are wondering about the device’s future và today we want lớn address those concerns.

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As we push deeper inkhổng lồ 2020, Samsung continues lớn push its Android 10 và One UI 2.0 upgrade to lớn Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Older models like the Galaxy chú ý 8 are currently stuông chồng on Android 10 & many users are curious about the company’s plans for the former flagship.

Specifically, Galaxy lưu ý 8 users want to lớn know if they’re getting Android 10, when a roll out could take place, & what happens if the Galaxy lưu ý 8 gets left behind on Android Pie.

In this walkthrough we’ll fill you in on what you can expect from Samsung if you own a Galaxy lưu ý 8.

Galaxy chú ý 8 Updates

If Samsung decides lớn keep the Galaxy Note 8 on Android Pie, that doesn’t mean software tư vấn for the device will over.

The Galaxy lưu ý 8 is still on Samsung’s danh sách for “Monthly Security Updates” which means it will receive software upgrades for the foreseeable future. The Galaxy Note 8 was recently upgraded with Samsung’s April security update.

It’s unclear how long the device will start on this danh sách, but once it moves, it’ll lvà on the company’s “Quarterly Security Updates” các mục. After that, it’ll move sầu onto the “Other Regular Security Updates” list.

This means, you can expect Samsung khổng lồ extend software support khổng lồ the Galaxy lưu ý 8 through 2020 and probably well inlớn next year.

Samsung’s monthly updates patch up potential security exploits, but they sometimes bring bug fixes và new features as well.

Galaxy Note 8 Android 10 Beta

Prior lớn 2018, Samsung kept its Galaxy Beta Program exclusive sầu to flagship Galaxy S phones. That changed last year when Samsung pushed the Android Pie beta to lớn several devices including mid-range Galaxy phones.

In 2019, Samsung pushed Android 10 beta software to the Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S9, & Galaxy chú ý 9, but it has left other models out of the Galaxy Beta Program.

If Samsung decides to push Android 10 và One UI 2.0 to lớn the Galaxy lưu ý 8, there’s a chance it rolls out a beta before the release. That said, we aren’t expecting a beta.

The company didn’t push Android 10 beta software khổng lồ newer models lượt thích the Galaxy Fold và Galaxy A series so it would be surprising to lớn see a release for the Galaxy lưu ý 8.

We haven’t heard anything about a Galaxy cảnh báo 8 Android 10 beta so the chances of a release are slim to lớn none at this point.

Galaxy cảnh báo 8 Android 10 Update

Samsung likes to lớn keep its Galaxy devices updated with major Android software updates for two years before dropping tư vấn.

The Galaxy cảnh báo 8 started on Android Nougat & then got bumped khổng lồ Android Oreo in 2018 and Android Pie in 2019.

So unless Samsung changes its policy in 20đôi mươi, & at this point it doesn’t look like it will, the Galaxy cảnh báo 8 will probably stiông chồng around on Android Pie.

We’ve seen several Android 10 roadmaps emerge & none of them danh sách the Galaxy chú ý 8. Plans can change, but the fact that it’s missing isn’t a good sign.

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As far as we know, the Galaxy lưu ý 8 Android 10 update isn’t in development. We haven’t seen any credible reports, benchmarks, or leaks.

Samsung itself has also told some outlets that it currently has no plans push Android 10 lớn the Galaxy lưu ý 8 or Galaxy S8 series. This information was passed along during the company’s Galaxy Străng tròn Unpacked sự kiện.

Despite this, Samsung’s customer service reps continue to lớn tell Galaxy chú ý 8 users that Android 10 is coming khổng lồ the Galaxy Note 8. Galaxy chú ý 8 owners should take this information with an immense grain of salt.

Over the years, Samsung reps have sầu “confirmed” a number of Android updates only for those updates khổng lồ stay in the shadows. We’ve seen it happen plenty of times.

Galaxy lưu ý 8 Android 10 Release Date

If Samsung decides to lớn surprise Galaxy cảnh báo 8 users with an Android 10 update, & that’s a huge if, the official release probably won’t come anytime soon.

Samsung’s still working khổng lồ deliver Android 10 updates to its mid-range devices và tablets. Several Android 10 updates are also in testing behind the scenes right now.

The Galaxy lưu ý 8 hasn’t been certified running Android 10 yet và that’s something that typically happens weeks before an update officially rolls out.

So, until that happens, it’s safe lớn assume a release is a long way away, if it even comes at all.

What’s Next

If Samsung decides to official keep the Galaxy chú ý 8 on Android Pie, you’ll still be able to get Android 10/One UI 2.0 features on your device.

The Galaxy lưu ý 8 development community is still very active và developers will almost certainly bring at least some Android 10 and One UI 2.0 features over lớn the device.

If you aren’t familiar with rooting và custom ROMs, you might want to get acquainted right now because that might be the only way lớn get Android 10’s features on your Galaxy cảnh báo 8.

The Galaxy Note 8 forums on XDA-Developers is a great place to start if you’re interested in keeping your Note 8 for the long haul.


If security is important to you (& it should be) you should think about installing the Galaxy S10 Android 10 update soon after it arrives for your phone.

Samsungcontinues to push important security patches to lớn the Galaxy S10 series and your Android 10 update should bring the lathử nghiệm patches from Samsung, & Google, khổng lồ your device.

We expect upcoming versions of Android 10 lớn come with newer security patches. Remember, Samsung releases critical patches every month.

If you"re curious about Samsung"s security updates, you can read more about the changes onSamsung"s website.

If you failed lớn download an older security update from a previous month, you"ll get those patches when you go lớn install Android 10 on your phone.

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Android 10 also brings several improvements lớn device security & you can read about those right here in Google"s change log.

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